What class should I start with?

This is all dependent on your dance/movement experience and your personal goals.

Aerobics Classes:

If your goals are more fitness focused, we definitely recommend coming out to our aerobics classes. These classes are a great way to get your weekly workout in, and no dance experience is required.

Technique and Choreography Based Classes:

If you want to learn the technique through Hip Hop choreography but have never danced before, Choreo 101 is a great place to start. We’ll take you through all the foundational basics at a pace conducive for questions and clarifications.

If you have previous hip hop experience and want to further your hip hop technique and performance, we recommend trying out Hip hop 4 Starters, where we will move at a faster pace than in Choreo 101.

For those wanting more of a challenge we provide monthly and pop up workshops.

Because all our weekly classes are drop in and Hip Hop based, it allows you the opportunity to try different classes but also maintain the familiarity and technique you learn throughout. If you try something and it is not great fit there is always an opportunity to find the class that fits your goals the following week.

We now also offer specialty sessions that allow you to dive into your hip hop technique and learning process.

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