Musicality Central is a Hip Hop based studio founded by partners Susie K and Rishone Todd on April 15, 2016. We were inspired to create an atmosphere that educates adults in the history and foundation of the Hip Hop dance style but also celebrate its evolution. Hip Hop has evolved into such a beautiful art form, and currently, there are limited offerings of Hip Hop specific classes in Western New York. Given our love for the genre, we sought to provide a Hip Hop focused studio for adults. Our adult classes offer opportunities to learn choreography concepts and innovative aerobic exercises using Hip Hop movement. There are class offerings for everyone on all levels. Especially for those who have always wanted to try Hip Hop but did not know exactly where to find authentic instruction. The Hip Hop program we provide starts at a beginner level and progressively moves on to the intermediate level. Therefore, new movers and experienced movers are encouraged to take all classes offered as they are specific to improving technique. In addition, we occasionally offer advanced and master workshops for dancers who seek a challenge. Our goals are to create a strong community for Hip Hop in WNY and provide a central location in which dancers of all levels can continue to grow. Our classes promote positivity and becoming familiar with your own learning process. The atmosphere is always welcoming and as instructors we inspire our students to love their own movement by sharing some of ours.

Our classes are for you if:

  • You danced throughout your childhood and are looking to get back into it
  • You’ve never danced in public but it has always sparked your interest
  • You want to improve your Hip Hop technique as a dancer
  • You’re looking for a fun way to workout or burn some calories
  • You want to surround yourself with positive people
Get to know Musicality Central’s Directors/Instructors in these short interviews!