Schedule and Classes Offered

Regular Weekly Schedule:

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Class Descriptions

Weekly Classes:

Hip Hop Choreo 101 –  A beginner Hip Hop choroegraphy class taught at a beginner’s pace so you can learn the basics without feeling overwhelmed with details.  

This class introduces the foundational techniques of Hip Hop movement, focuses on creating simple but dynamic visuals, and also gives you the opportunity to put your own flavor in your performance. 

Burlesque Intentions –  A beginner Burlesque Infused choreography class taught at a beginner’s pace so you can learn the basics without feeling overwhelmed with details… and feel sexy as hell!! 

Hip Hop 4 Starters– This class is geared towards new movers who want to learn the fundamentals of hip hop. It is also a great class for experienced hip hop dancers who want to hone in and perfect their hip hop technique. We start out with stretching, a warm up, then we dive into some choreography. Rishone takes time to dissect the movement on a granular level for the students, meaning no dance experience is required for this class. Come as you are and we’ll teach you how to move! Perfect for beginners of dancers who want to spruce up their Hip Hop Technique.

Intermediate Hip Hop – This class is geared towards dancers that are more familiar with choreography concepts – whether it be hip hop or in any other choreography based dance classes. This class moves at a quicker pace than Hip Hop 4 Starters, but follows a similar format. Taught by Susie. Perfect for dancers with Hip Hop choreography experience.

Booty Work – Aerobics has never been so sexy! This class is for anyone who wants to get a great workout and shake it at the same time. No dance experience required. We’ll target specific muscle groups in your thighs, abs, arms, and you guessed it – booty. This class will have you breaking a sweat, and you wont even realize you worked out. Taught by Susie.

Club Nite Aerobics – “Meet me in the club, it’s going down!” This class has a Club Nite feel. It has a playlist filled with club favorites of the past and present. No dance experience required. We’ll show you some moves you can follow along to. This class is cardio focused with some targeting of legs, core, and arms – We’ll be getting that heart rate up! You’ll be having so much fun that you’ll think you are in a club. Taught by Rishone.

All-Out Aerobics – “That’s my JAAAAMMM!” is what you will find yourself saying throughout this aerobics workout. Musicality Central has figured out a way to bottle the experience of a night out dancing with your friends filled with music that literally makes you want to move into an ALL OUT fitness hour. This incredibly effective workout includes everything from your old school throw backs to your new school favorites So lace up those dance sneaks and let your hair down cause cause you’re about to get in a good sweat! The contagious energy of this class will assist in achieving an upper and lower body toning and core engagement that is ALL OUT fun. Taught by Rishone and Susie.

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Specialty Sessions:

Hip Hop Cheat Codes – If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the thought of stepping into a dance class, this is the beginner class you have been waiting for. This is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE, and it will go at a pace you will feel comfortable with and walk out feeling confident and accomplished.

You no longer have to spend 20 minutes watching 45 second dance videos on Instagram or YouTube wishing that you knew how to do half the moves that captivated you. You can use that inspiration from these amazing dancers you watch to join us in this 5 week session designed to give you some cheat codes to help you learn the art form you have formed a visual relationship with. Then you can feel even more connected to the dancers you have become so familiar with through your new found knowledge of your own movement.

Choreography Breakdown – This is a 5 week session designed to help you organize the visual information you receive while in the process of taking class. It will teach you how to be more efficient in learning choreography and applying it immediately without speed bumps. This session is for all levels. Whether you already know how to dance or not, these are the skills you will need to have in order to learn the flow of choreography in class.

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