Story Time – Change gon come

I’m married! For anyone who didn’t already see, I married the love of my life on February 17th 2024. It was one of the best and most beautiful days of my life.As we all know, first comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes a potential name change! (Sorry, no babies right now 😏) It was an easy decision for me to want to take my husband’s last name, and I’m proud to do it.

But holy smokes…. The PROCESS to change your name…… SHEESH!! It is not a one and done kind of thing. There are multiple steps and waiting periods between those steps before you can officially settle into your last name.

I’ve officially gotten it changed with Social Security, but I still need to update my passport, driver’s license,vehicle title and registration info, voter registration information, update my name with USPS, update my bank accounts, get new credit cards, and finally update ALL my other personal accounts…. Bruh! So many steps to truly finalize my name change.

But thus is life though, right?

In order for anything to change, it’s going to take multiple steps. Think about something in your life that you’ve wanted to change. Maybe you want to get a new job. Is it just a matter of applying somewhere and suddenly you’re hired? Of course not! Although that would be nice… But no, you probably need to update your resume, search for job openings, apply, receive many rejections, get a first interview with one of the companies, not get the second interview, apply to more jobs, interview some more, then you FINALLY receive an offer. (Be sure to negotiate!) All of that might take several months. It can be so easy to feel deterred within that process and just give up.

But any big change worth anything is going to take time and a lot of action.

If you want to change something in your life, here’s what you’ve gotta do:

  1. Make a list of the necessary steps (which might include habit change)
  2. Take each step, one at a time
  3. Trust the process and keep going
  4. Assess and adjust steps as needed

Of course, I’m over simplifying. But that’s what it boils down to. Make a plan, execute the plan, and down give up. Understand that in most cases making a change is not going quick nor simple. Like me changing my last name – it might take a while year before I get through all those steps. But for me, it’ll be worth it.

So be patient and trust the process. Keep going…. You’ve got this!

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