The Freedom to Feel

Dance allows us the freedom to experience one of our most undervalued senses. That is live and feel deeply. Dance never falls short to enhancing the overall human experience. I mean even if you believe you can’t dance and you are mostly a spectator, you still manage to experience the feeling of being free through the dancers you are watching. 

I experienced that feeling as young as 4 years old, and I knew from that moment I wanted more of it in my life. It just bring me so much joy. When I dance, I enter this deep level of inner and outer self that I am full aware but also full within myself simultaneously.

What is this feeling I am going on and on about? It’s that freeing feeling that music offers. It is one of those things in this world that is pure. It influences all 3 components of the human experience. If there were 3 circle diagrams that represented us physically, spiritually, and mentally then the section where they all intersect is where music/dance exist.

I once believed that learning choreography and improvising to music were two different ways to dance. I mean sure they both have their own set of rules, but the beauty is that you can get lost in both if you are truly dancing. Not learning or just doing, but syncing who you are to everything you are are doing in that moment. 

We really believe as instructors that when you dance, you become the best version of yourself. That is what we want you to experience every time you dance with us. We want you to feel free within your own body, spirt, and mind. Where you can leave all the stress out side the class room so you can meditate through movement.  Where you can lose yourself and find it as many times as you want to. 

To be honest this blog was not meant to give you any tips or share any stories that I’ve learned from. I wrote this blog to express how much I appreciate what dance has done for me throughout my entire life. It has shaped who I am when I am unsure, lost, and not myself. I can depend on dance to help me find who I am, grow from my own movement, provide the room for me to make mistakes, and then transport me to a place where my joy is a consistent flame that never goes out. 

That is my message for this blog. Listen to your favorite song and let go of all that you are worried about for 3 minutes and 42 seconds. Close your eyes and dance till your feet are light and your heart is happy. If you need to, take a dance class with your friend. Dance in your kitchen, living room or even the grocery store. It is the remedy for so many things in our lives that we have lost touch with. Free the person that has been waiting for you to be happy. 

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