The Missing Piece – Dance Tips

You guys, something is missing…. 😬 We’ve seen so much growth in our clients dancing, technique, and overall confidence in your movement. But we’ve realized there’s a detachment between the dance and the song…

Are you CONNECTED while you DANCE?? What are you thinking about.. What are you FEELING? If you struggle with connecting to the music or your performance during class, keep reading… 👇👀

You are an ARTIST. 👩‍🎨 Yes, YOU! It’s your job to bring the movement to life and make anyone watching feel something.

So when you’re learning choreography, how do you make it your own to tell your own story?

➡️ You need to connect to the message of the song and the routine. WHAT DOES THE SONG MAKE YOU FEEL? What is the artist singing about? If the song goes, “You’re the coffee that I need in the morning,” could you imagine if the artist singing it was completely dead in the face as they sang?? 😧🫣 That would look insane! You might expect them to show a feeling of bliss or longing for someone. That’s because they’re connected to what they’re singing. And that’s exactly what YOU need to do as a dancer – Connect to what you are dancing to.

Here’s some practical tips to take into your next learning experience:

1. If you know what song you’re going to be dancing to in class, listen to it ahead of time – Yes, listen for timing purposes, but also just listen to take the song in. How do you feel as the music swells or as the vocalist sings? Even if you don’t have time to listen to this song ahead of time, make that a priority while the song plays during the class. Tap into the song! 🎵

2. Ask the instructor what the routine is about – Many times the routine might be inspired by the words of the song. But there should be a reason why you are dancing a given routine. If the song is about love, can you make up a love story in your head that goes with the movement? If it’s about a breakup, what would that look like emotionally? Tell your story.

3. It’s ok to be vulnerable. Our classes are an open space for you to be you or to try to tap into different characters. Try out different things. See what feels good.

Do you have any tools you use to connect to a song and perform in class? Let’s chat in the comments! 👇

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