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Ride Class in North Tonawanda

“Why be a spin instructor with everything else that you do?”

I started out 2019 with absolutely no intention of becoming a spin instructor. The 4 things that consumed my thoughts everyday were my family, growing my businesses, visiting LA to take dance classes for the first time, and completing a marathon for the first time in my life. I enjoy taking spin classes as apart of my cross training for the marathon, and I would often imagine how I would lead a class with my own music. After brushing the idea off of being on the lead bike on multiple occasions, I finally started to mentally give in to the idea, because something about it synced with my energy. 

When the owner of Be Moved Fitness presented me with an opportunity to complete a power spin training class for new instructors at the end of August, I officially decided to become a Spin/Ride instructor. I figured it would keep me accountable, and it worked perfectly into my fitness goals for 2019. 
I knew this would be an absolute challenge, but I also know how I am with learning the ins and outs of new endeavors and how to stay connected to the journey rather than the momentary results. So I knew what I needed to do and how I needed to go about it.

First obstacles to over come were Expectations!

I completed the the power training class on August 25th at 12:00PM and immediately while exiting the Rise Fitness Studio in Hamburg, NY I knew the expectations were high to be an amazing instructor. Every interaction with the instructors at Be Moved Fitness were encouraging but also had a level of expectation that I wasn’t sure I could meet immediately. Maybe they were expectations I put on myself, or maybe because I danced on the bike while taking a ride/spin class I was expected to do the same for all my clients. I knew the owner wanted something different like a rhythm based spin class and I wasn’t sure that I was able to produce that without actual experiences leading a class. I also needed time getting familiar with using the music to not only get a great work out but to also make it a fun overall experience.   

My 1st Class: The Tell All. 

September 4th was my first class and it was definitely a treat, because it was completely SOLD OUT. I mean a few of the attendees were instructors at Be Moved Fitness but there were 18 people staring back at me as I settled into my new role as a TemPo Ride instructor. I had planned everything from start to finish, rehearsed it a few times on the bike while no one was in the studio, and now it was time to show what I could do.

The first 20 minutes were flat and to be honest, I literally felt the energy of the class more focused on the workout rather than the awesome playlist I orchestrated to help them through it. Then I reminded myself why I became a spin instructor. I wanted to help people have fun on the bike and experience a ride class through music and movement that transports them to a place of enjoyment. Immediately after I made that adjustment I threw out the workout plan and started having fun on the bike with the music. Everyone’s entire mood changed because my mood changed. I started to see some smiles and the energy in the room wanted something different. My goal that day was to complete 14 miles but we only got to 12.5 miles. I mean that was still not bad but it was 2 miles below my goal. 

Post Class Evaluation: The Things that could have made me quit. 

First of all, I felt how off my Queues were. For 35% of the class I wasn’t even riding to the music. Even my transitions were rough from the saddle (seat position) to the second position (standing straight up on the bike). Most of the people in the back could not hear me and some people in the front struggled to understand what I was communicating as well. Hearing and experiencing this the first class gave my ego quite the hit.  I also received some constructive, educational feedback from the spin/ride instructors that took my class that day on how to improve.  Those actually gave me some internally excitement to prepare for the next class. 

With all the feedback and unplanned first time experiences that took place in my first class, I could have decided to quit while I’m at it but I knew to become better I had to be married to the process not the emotions of not being everything I wanted to be on the first day. Therefore I took all the feedback and paired it with my personal experience and made a plan for the next class which happened to be the next day. 

My 2nd Class: The Compliment and Improvements Moving Forward.

Now, I could have marinated in all the things that didn’t go as planned the first class, but I took everything thing I learned from the first class and applied it to my 2nd class. There was an immediate improvement, and I felt it from the beginning. I was more relaxed, I had a work out plan but I didn’t let it close me off from the music, and I was able to direct the class through every song confidently. 

At the end of the class we completed 14.3 miles. To my surprise one of the clients complimented me on how awesome the class was and how much she enjoyed the playlist I created. That compliment made my day. It also made me realize that I still had a lot to learn, but for the 2nd class I experienced a small victory that I will always remember.    

The take away: Every Bad Experience eventually leads to a better one if you stay Married to the end Goal.  

Like everything else that I do well, I treat everything new as a learning experience.. So far I have taught 10 classes. Some went perfectly as planned and others had some/ many details I could have improved on. Just recently the music stopped working in class and I had to switch to story mode to help the clients through the last 15 minutes of class. In my last class my right leg slipped off the pedal during a moment when tried to dance. However in all those moments I checked my ego and taught from a place where failure or mishaps is a necessity to learn. The beautiful thing is that I get to make people happy through music while riding an indoor cycling bike. So if you are ever hesitant about trying something because you are worried about failing miserably, remember to always check yourself immediately, evaluate what you did well or didn’t do well, get some professional feed back, and get back to it. You may not experience positive feedback on the 2nd opportunity like I did, but always stay connected to the journey and use the momentary results as learning tools to get better.  

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